Shipping and return policies for aniline

Shipping Info
All CDs and merchandise are shipped first class U.S. mail (as gift) on one business day from the initial purchase. Please allow 3-6 days for U.S. orders and 1-2 weeks for international orders.
Return Policy
CDs can be exchanged for the same album if your original arrived damaged or unplayable. If your CD has not arrived and it has been more than two weeks for U.S. orders or four weeks for international orders, contact us to sort things out.

If for some reason, you receive the wrong order (incorrect CD), contact us right away and we'll send you the correct item. You can optionally return the incorrect item to us but if you end up liking the music, you can keep it. (No, really!)

Returns for CDs will not be accepted. Returns for digital purchases can only be made when Halley's Comet visits Earth or when pigs fly (legitimately).

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